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What is a Magic Carpet Ride?

A Magic Carpet Ride symbolizes the exhilarating potential of crypto markets, marked by soaring green candles and optimistic upward trajectories. It's this narrative of growth and excitement that attracts enthusiasts during bull markets, offering a vivid contrast to the fear of rug pulls.

A Community-Driven Meme Coin

Magic Carpet Ride is unique because it is a community-launched meme coin without a centralized team. The success of the project relies entirely on the dedication and efforts of its community members. It was initiated by a few PulseChain community enthusiasts who laid the foundation by launching and renouncing the contract, adding liquidity and burning the liquidity pool tokens, getting it listed on CoinGecko, GoPulse, and other coin tracker sites, as well as creating the website and all its social media accounts.

From there, the project's growth and success depend on the broader community's involvement. Community members are encouraged to take on various roles and contribute in ways that bring the project to life. This decentralized approach ensures that the project remains true to the principles of blockchain technology, fostering a collective effort where everyone can contribute to its success.

By participating, you are not just an investor but a vital part of a community that drives the project forward. Join us and help make the Magic Carpet Ride a journey of innovation, collaboration, and remarkable achievements.

Contributing in the following ways will excel the magic carpet ride:

  • Create memeable Magic Carpet Ride images, videos, and gifs
  • Use $MAGIC hashtags in your tweets #MagicCarpetRide #MagicMemeCoin
  • Expand posts to other platforms such as Reddit, TikTok, and Instagram
  • Think outside the box and execute your ideas

If you want to contribute in other ways, post a message in our Telegram about your skillset and how you'd like to participate.

Why Launch on PulseChain?

PulseChain embodies the 'magic carpet ride' narrative, a vision of uplift and progress vividly championed by its community and leadership. The project's founder, Richard Heart, plays a crucial role in this narrative, inspiring followers with his optimistic outlook on the project's trajectory through engaging tweets and informative live streams.

What began as a single tweet has evolved into a movement, encapsulating the essence of trust and magic that PulseChain seeks to bring to the crypto world. This tweet by Richard Heart perfectly captures the spirit of our journey:

PulseChain not only captivates with its visionary principles but also stands out through distinctive features that underscore its appeal:

  • Affordable transaction fees, making it accessible to a wider audience
  • Strong branding that resonates with the crypto community
  • Opportunities for early adopters to join a burgeoning investment frontier
  • The potential for significant returns, with possibilities for 1,000X gains
  • A proactive and capable community ready to drive innovation
  • Leadership by a founder renowned for his insights and contributions to the crypto space
  • Open-source DeFi solutions that empower users to manage their digital assets independently
  • Positive mentions from influential figures in the cryptocurrency world, including Altcoin Daily and Ivan On Tech

Epic Rides: The Magic Carpet Series






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How to buy?

Setup Your Wallet

Step 1
  1. Install MetaMask if needed.
  2. Add PulseChain to MetaMask:
    1. Manually: Follow instructions at
    2. Automatically: Use the PulseX App:
      1. Go to and select "PulseX".
      2. Open the app via IPFS or by downloading it.
      3. Click "Connect Wallet" in PulseX.
      4. Allow MetaMask to add PulseChain.

After adding PulseChain you're ready for Step 2.

Fund Your Wallet

Step 2

To fund your wallet with PLS, here are two options:

  1. Using Ethereum: (high fees)
    1. Purchase ETH and send it to your wallet.
    2. Swap ETH for WPLS on Uniswap and use the PulseChain Bridge to convert it to PLS.
  2. Using Binance Smart Chain (BSC): (low fees)
    1. Purchase BNB and transfer it to your wallet.
    2. Convert BNB to PLS at

Once PLS is in your wallet, proceed to Step 3.

Prepare to Buy

Step 3
  1. Launch the PulseX app (from Step 1).
  2. Ensure your wallet is connected to the app.
  3. Paste the $MAGIC token address: 0xc42945a98eaaae8fafbc76bace473c90d8100967 into the lower token selection field to add it for trading.

With $MAGIC now set up in PulseX, you're all set for the final step.

Execute Buy

Step 4
  1. Enter the desired PLS amount for swapping.
  2. Adjust slippage to 0.5% under settings .
  3. Keep AutoRouter enabled for optimal trade execution.
  4. Authorize the swap by clicking "Enable PLS", then confirm on your wallet with "Next" and "Approve".
  5. Execute the swap by clicking "Swap" and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

Welcome to Magic! Got questions? Join our Telegram

If you previously completed the wallet setup process and are ready to buy, click the button below!

Magic Carpet Ride